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to provide absent a secret. By Monday it had been apparent that someone had spilled the beans for the newspapers. geheim uitlap يَكْشِف السِّر издавам тайна dar com a língua nos dentes všechno vyzradit alles ausplaudern snakke about sig βγάζω όλα τα μυστικά στη φόρα descubrir el pastel saladust välja lobisema فاش كردن اسرار paljastaa salaisuus vendre la mèche לְגָלוֹת סוֹד रहस्य बता देना odati tajnu kikotyog vmit membuka rahasia leysa frá skjóðunni (vuotare il sacco), (svelare un segreto) 秘密をもらす 무심코 비밀을 누설하다 išplepėti paslaptį izpļāpāt membocorkan rahsia alles verklappen plapre ut med ; røpe wypaplać tajemnicę رسوا کول dar com a língua nos dentes a divul­ga un solution разбалтывать секрет všetko prezradiť izdati skrivnost izbrbljati tajnu prata bredvid mun เปิดเผยความลับ sır açıklamak; yumurtlamak 不慎洩漏 розголосити секрет راز کھولنا để lọt tin tức ra ngoài 不慎泄漏 descobrir el previousís

Immediately after retting, the stalks are Completely ready for scutching, which takes area in between August and December. Scutching removes the woody portion of the stalks by crushing them in between two metal rollers, so which the elements of the stalk is often separated.

Choose from rectangle, square or spherical in a range of measurements or we can even tailor make them towards your specifications

Nonetheless, for the reason that linen fibers have a really minimal elasticity, The material inevitably breaks if it is folded linen and ironed at the identical area continuously after a while.

The Phoenicians, who, with their merchant fleet, opened up new channels of commerce into the tablerunners peoples on the Mediterranean, and created the tin mines of Cornwall, released flax increasing as well as the making of linen into Eire prior to the common era.

spill – induce or enable (a liquid material) to operate or flow from the container; “spill the milk”; “splatter h2o”

Textiles in a linen weave texture, even if crafted from cotton, hemp and also other non-flax fibers, will also be loosely called “linen”. fabric Such fabrics typically also have their very own certain names, as an example wonderful cotton yarn inside of a linen-style weave is named Madapolam.

Linen textiles seem like several of the oldest on this planet: their heritage goes again quite a few Many decades. Fragments of straw, seeds, fibers, yarns, and various kinds of fabrics relationship to about 8000�BC are present in Swiss lake dwellings.

This wear can display up australia in collars, hems, and any area that may be iron creased for the duration of laundering. Linen has inadequate elasticity and does not spring again runner commonly, describing why it wrinkles so conveniently.

vt (= drinking water, sand, salt and many others) → verschütten; to spill any individual’s blood → jds Blut vergießen; to spill the beans → alles ausplaudern, plaudern; to spill the beans about one thing → etw ausplaudern